Wintry Tartu Folk Dance Day 2018

Old Estonians were clever, clever people. They knew that dancing had a powerful and magical influence on the surrounding world. The fact has been kept in mind throughout the centuries and folk dancers in Tartu and Tartu County are especially unstoppable. They gather – in fact a good few hundreds of them – in the middle of sometimes freezing Estonian winter right on the slippery cobbles of Tartu Town Hall Square where the audience`s world cannot escape the magic either.


Come and see and perhaps even participate (if you so wish!) in some of the most loved Estonian folk dances! A great backdrop to the event is always conveniently provided by Christmas City Tartu – a very special meeting place right on Town Hall Square that is always worth the visit.

Dancers will normally have probably lifted your spirits up to a point where you don`t wish to depart them, so do follow them to Gunpowder Cellar where the folk dance party continues and oh joy, now inside this ancient and truly magnificent building. Live music will be playing.

All this will again be the case on 15 December 2018 when at 1 p.m. dancers from Tartu and Tartu County perform Estonian folk dances and simple group dances on Town Hall Square of Tartu.

WINTRY-TARTU-FOLK DANCE-DAY-2016-002.jpgtartu-talvine-tantsupaev-013.jpgWINTRY-TARTU-FOLK DANCE-DAY-2016-001.jpg



If you wish to prepare yourself by the help of Youtube for all the awesomeness:
“Kägara“ – Wintry Tarty Folk Dance Day 2016
“1-2-3-4-5-6-7“ – Wintry Tarty Folk Dance Day 2016

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